MSSS multicentre mechanism

Multicentre research projects

What is the MSSS Multicentre Mechanism?

The Ministry of Health (MSSS) has developed this a mechanism for the ethical review and ongoing oversight of multicentre research projects (projects involving more than one site) in the province of Quebec which became effective February 1, 2015. For more information please go to the  MSSS Unité de l'éthique web site.

The Mechanism's Objectives apply to all research involving more than one site within the Quebec's RSSS:

  1. Ensure better protection of research participants;
  2. Ensure better use of human and financial resources;
  3. Streamline the current process for multicentre research through single REC review.

When Does this Mechanism Apply?

This mechanism applies when the research involves human participants (directly or indirectly) and is being conducted in more than one institution within the RSSS. It should be noted that a study involving an entity with multiple institutions such as WCMH and its multiple sites, will not be considered a multicentre project and is not applicable to the review criteria of the MSSS multicentre mechanism for review.  

See How to Submit and Process Flow Charts.


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