Research Ethics Training

Research Ethics Training

Research ethics training is offered online to members of the research community:

  •  The TCPS 2 Tutorial  -2 tutorial helps to translate into practice the guidelines formed by the Tri-Council Policy Statement (TCPS-2). This course presents content in a variety of formats, interactive exercises and multidisciplinary examples. The tutorial comprises ten modules, ranging from basic principles to the evaluation of projects by an REC.
  •  The MSSS Tutorial- The online training course “Training in Research Ethics” was created specifically for members of research ethics committees (RECs) and support staff of RECs who work in establishments in the Québec research network, health and social services. Thus, while dealing with many national and international texts, this program pays particular attention to the normative framework specific to Quebec.
  •  Webinaires du Groupe en éthique de la recherche  (GER) (Group webinars on research ethics)

Selection of documents for Research Ethics Review


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