Social work: stages

Our CIUSSS offers various internship opportunities in the field of Social Work. Through the testimonials of supervisors from our various sites, discover our internship environments by watching the following eight videos.

Info-Social 811

In this video, the clinical coordinator of the Centrale Info-Santé/Info-Social, Paul Fortugno describes the internship site located downtown, as well as the training offered to interns and the clientele who seek the services of this call line.

Rehabilitation and Multidisciplinary Services

Social worker Olivia Vu gives an overview of her regular workday at the Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation Services Department. At this workplace, you can deal with diverse situations and clientele all in the same day, which makes it fascinating and much appreciated by interns.

Lethbridge-Layton-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre

In this video, Jennifer Grier, a social worker at the Lethbridge-Layton-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre, describes the sites where she works, the clientele served, her role as a supervisor, as well as the training and opportunities available to interns.


In this video, Paul Guay, a social worker, supervisor, and team leader at PRAIDA, describes the services offered and the clientele served. He also explains the role of the social worker as well as the advantage of becoming an intern at PRAIDA.


Mental Health and Addiction

A member of a team of social workers at the CLSC Métro, Tiffany Verdon presents the main goals of the multidisciplinary team Connexion. Their target audience are those who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless, and community partners. This is an example of the complexity of issues and the diverse collaborators with whom social worker interns can work and learn.

Children, Families and Youth

In the next three videos, you will learn more about CAFE, École en santé and Children, Families, and Youth services and their internship opportunities.

The areas of intervention in social work are numerous in the Crisis-Ado-Family-Childhood (CAFE, in French) program. Social worker at the CLSC Côte-des-Neiges, Gabrielle Déry tells how students can participate in these interventions during their internships with multi-professional teams that support families living in the neighbourhood.

In the Children, Families, and Youth (Enfance-Famille Jeunesse) program, parents and children are followed from pregnancy through the first five years of the lives of the little ones. Trainees can thus explore issues related to early childhood, and the role of the SW in this context. Shyrlene Mascary, social worker at CLSC Côte-des-Neiges, shows how interns can contribute to making the lives of families better, in this CLSC located in the heart of one of Montreal's most multicultural and diverse neighborhoods.

The Healthy School program is offered by the CIUSSS “to families experiencing a variety of psychosocial difficulties,” explains Sarah Marlina-Anglin, social worker at CLSC Outremont. This internship environment allows interns to help young people and their families overcome the difficulties that can interfere with the success of their academic career by offering short-term follow-up to this clientele, in conjunction with other actors such as teachers, health professionals and representatives of community organizations.

Support Program for the Autonomy of Seniors (SAPA)

The last two videos provide an overview of the services offered to seniors in CHSLDs and home care.

This internship environment will allow you to work with multidisciplinary teams to support seniors and adults with loss of autonomy in CHSLDs. Ilana Milgram clinical activities specialist at the Donald Berman Maimonïdes Geriatric Center, invites you to learn more about the internship in this video.

Social work internships are also available, to help elderly people with loss of autonomy and adults with physical disabilities. Joy Goldman is a social worker at CLSC René-Cassin. She identifies the various types of problems that this clientele faces which she believes makes this internship a unique learning experience.

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