President of the Board

Alan Maislin

Renewal of the mandate of the President of the Board of Directors of CIUSSS West-Central-Montreal 

Alan Maislin will continue his mandate as President of the Board of Directors for two years, in the company of a dynamic multidisciplinary team. "I take great pleasure in working with talented professionals—the equivalent of a Stanley Cup-winning team," he says. 

Over the years, Mr. Maislin, who has extensive experience in rehabilitation, has been Chairman of CSSS Cavendish and of the Jewish General Hospital Users' Committee, as well as a key member of the JGH Transformational Change Committee. In private business, he is the chairman and principle shareholder of Maisliner Transport.

The 19-person board includes designated members from various healthcare councils, as well as those with expertise in finance, governance, community organizations and social services. The board’s main objectives are to ensure the improvement of access, quality and the safety of care, and to preserve the unique cultural identity of each facility. 

According to Mr. Maislin, the board is a gatekeeper with a major responsibility to make care better. "To do so, changes will have to be made,” he says. “The commitment of staff, regardless of their position, is essential to achieving positive results. We need to hear and understand our staff about any issues and their concerns. This is how we can continue to make improvements throughout our network."

Commenting on the renewal of his mandate on the Board of Directors, Mr. Maislin says he is honoured to continue his commitment and his contribution to improving Quebec’s healthcare system.

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