Why choose our CIUSSS?

CIUSSS West-Central Montreal offers:

  • A large team of 12,000 multidisciplinary professionals
  • An interconnected network of facilities, including:
    • the Jewish General Hospital
    • three specialized hospitals
    • two rehabilitation centres
    • five CLSCs
    • six long-term care centres
    • two Blue Houses
    • one birthing centre
    • five intermediate resources
    • the Montreal Regional Office of Info-Santé/Info-Social
  • Affiliation with Montreal universities and a working partnership with CÉCEPs, colleges and other academic institutions. We base our mission on advancing knowledge, as well as excellence in research, teaching and innovation.
  • Career advancement opportunities, including our Succession Management Program
  • Employee benefits and various activities related to the Employee Engagement and Recognition program
  • User-centred care and services at each of our facilities, with an exceptional user experience

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