Mental Health

Meet Martin from our Mental Health team!

Meet Martin: Occupational Therapist for the Variable Intensity Support (SIV) team.

In an effort to get to know his clients better, Martin rides his bike all over town to meet them in-person and tackle their chronic mental health disorders head-on. From short-term follow-ups, to long-term rehabilitation, Martin's team of mental health professionals supports their clients throughout their entire journey. Are you passionate about the importance of mental health? Join our growing team of professionals to make your mark on your community. 

Meet Catou from our Mental Health team!

Meet Catou! While she may have proclaimed to be talentless outside of work hours, Catou is an important member of our CLSC Benny-Farm team in NDG. She admits that being a psychoeducator in the field of mental health requires a lot of motivation - but her team has risen to the challenge.

Meet Dom from our Mental Health team!

Meet Dom: Social Worker at CLSC de Côte-des-Neiges, and perhaps our CIUSSS’s greatest goalkeeper.

A born-and-raised Côte-des-Neiges resident, Dom works as part of our Youth Mental Health team at the local CLSC. Supporting kids, parents, schools and everyone in between – his team is rooting for their patients all along their journey with the Mental Health team. Are you passionate about the importance of mental health?

Meet Jean-Hervé from our Mental Health team!

Meet JH! Originally from Port-au-Prince in Haïti, Jean-Hervé now calls Montreal – and CIUSSS West-Central Montreal– his home. Although, he admits that Costa Rica’s Cahuita village is his favourite place on earth.

JH is a nurse clinician with a hands-on approach to helping people who struggle with their mental health. Getting help can be much more welcoming than you think, especially when you’re surrounded by kind souls like Jean-Hervé! Want to join JH and make a real difference in peoples' lives? 

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