Personal belongings

CIUSSS West-Central Montreal is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for everyone. However, despite our best efforts, personal effects are sometimes lost, stolen or broken. Therefore, we are asking our patients and their caregivers to join us in taking precautions to minimize these incidents.

  1. While the staff of the Jewish General Hospital do what they can to reduce the risk of loss, theft or damage, clients / residents are responsible for their personal property.
  2. In some instances, valuables can be given to authorized personnel (a security guard, nurse or admissions officer) for safekeeping. In this case, the valuables are stored securely and are returned only to the patient or his/her designated representative.
  3. As a rule, the CIUSSS is not responsible for the personal effects that a patient chooses to keep in his/her room or are stored in areas that are made available to the patient while he/she receives treatment or is admitted.
  4. We strongly recommend that before admission, valuables be entrusted to a caregiver designated by the patient.
  5. If a patient becomes incapacitated (mentally or physically) while in the care of the CIUSSS, appropriate measures must be taken by the patient’s caregiver to protect the patient's personal effects.
  6. We strongly recommend that only necessary valuables be kept with the patient while he/she is in our care.

See the  official policy for more details (in French only).

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