The Missive Program

What is the missive program?

MISSIVE is a unique summer volunteer internship program for students aged 17+ who are contemplating a career in a healthcare related profession.

The MISSIVE program takes place at the following sites:

  • Donald Berman Jewish Eldercare Centre,
    5725 Victoria Avenue
  • Donald Berman Maimonides Geriatric Centre,
    5795 Caldwell Avenue
  • Mount Sinai Hospital,
    5690 Cavendish Boulevard
  • Father Dowd Residential Centre,
    6565 Hudson Avenue
  • Henri Bradet Residential Centre,
    6465 Chester Avenue
  • Saint Andrew Residential Centre,
    3350 Cavendish Boulevard
  • Saint Margaret Residential Centre,
    50 Hillside Avenue

Students will be directly involved in various aspects of the centres.

  • 8-week summer program
  • Monday to Friday

What will I do?

  • Attend educational seminars (films, workshops, discussions)
  • Be supervised by professional staff
  • Attend lectures from healthcare professionals
  • Volunteer in two placements
  • Have the opportunity to work as a member of a dynamic healthcare team

Potential opportunities

  • Physiotherapy
  • Wound Care
  • Nursing
  • Quality Improvement
  • Infection Control
  • Social Services
  • Recreation Services
  • Special Projects
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Risk Management
  • Volunteer Visiting
  • Research

How will this help me?

  • Hands-on experience in various departments
  • Experience working with older adults
  • Career opportunities
  • Development of interpersonal skills
  • New friends and contacts
  • Personal satisfaction
  • Reference letters
  • Certificate of completion


If you would like more information or to apply, please contact Roz Friend : 514-483-2121 ext. 2204 or, Lisa Patterson: 514-738-4500 ext. 2330 or

History of the MISSIVE program

The MISSIVE program began over 30 years ago at Donald Berman Maimonides Geriatric Centre. MISSIVE stands for Maimonides Intensive Summer Session for Individual Volunteer Experience. It is a unique program for students over the age of 17 who are interested in a future career in a healthcare related profession. The program offers exposure to a multidisciplinary environment with a geriatric population. Participants take part in educational seminars with healthcare professionals and volunteer in two placements.

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