Connected Health Record (CHR)

One patient, one record 

This ambitious, multi-year project has reached a significant milestone with the launch of its first module, the Patient Timeline. This module allows medical staff across the entire CIUSSS to access consistent and up-to-date information about each patient through a single digital platform, streamlining their daily tasks. 

Upon completion, the CHR will replace many of the software platforms currently in use. This conversion will help us to dramatically improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of the health care and social services we provide every day. 

The CHR is not simply a technology project. It is truly an organizational project that is bringing together teams from across the CIUSSS West-Central Montreal and that is creating the infrastructure necessary for a transformation to value-based care. 

The CHR is a pillar and driving force in “Care Everywhere”, the CIUSSS’s pioneering plan to provide users with the right care at the right time in whichever setting is most appropriate, safest, most convenient and most comfortable for them.

Why now?

Various computer systems—each with its own specialized capabilities—are in place throughout our CIUSSS. This means that if clinical personnel want to get the full picture of someone who is receiving care, they have to log on to all of those systems and manage each of them separately. Many of these systems are old, slow and difficult to use, causing frustration for clinicians.

Uniformity of information and its easy availability are fundamental to the safety of healthcare users and the quality of their care. When all of the data about each user is eventually centralized in the CHR, the care teams will have the most accurate and up-to-date information. This ease of access will greatly aid in the decision-making process because gaps and inconsistencies will no longer exist between one CIUSSS facility and another. 

The CHR will also have a significant impact on the patient experience, as patients will no longer have to provide each new medical team with an overview of their treatment to date.

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