Parking and travelling to work

Where can I get the free parking sticker that some JGH employees are already using?


On March 18, the Parking Office announced that the JGH was offering free on-site parking to its staff. The Parking team received 1,130 requests, but was able to offer spots to just 400 employees in the JGH’s own lots. Other parking options were then found off-site:

  • Plaza Côte-des-Neiges: 200 spots
  • Notre-Dame College: 60 spots
  • On-street parking (where a parking sticker is required): 60

The team offered these 320 additional spots to staff on the waiting list, and it is continuing to look for more space. Places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

A parking sticker is available, upon request, from your manager. Your name can be added to the waiting list, but there is no guarantee whether and when you will get a space. The team is working hard to ensure that all staff who request a parking spot get one.

A colleague has asked me to drive her to/from work, because she feels that carpooling is safer than public transportation.

We live in the same area and work in the same place. Might carpooling be prohibited, in view of the fact that people can’t sit two meters apart in a car? Would I be subject to the $1,000+ fine for disobeying the social distancing rules?


When two people ride together, they must take appropriate precautions, including practicing proper hand hygiene when getting into and out of the car, and wearing a mask while in the car. They should also sit as far away from each other as possible, with the passenger in the back seat, to the right of the driver.

Health care personnel are included in the category of essential services that includes police officers, ambulance attendants or firefighters. If you decide to carpool to work with a co-worker you know, you are not breaking the social distancing rule and there will be no fine.

Would it be possible for our employer to cover the cost of transportation to work—for instance, by taxi or Uber—for employees who do not have a car?

Would these alternative forms of travel lower our exposure to COVID-19, since we would no longer be taking public transit to work?

(April 21, 2020)


Our CIUSSS cannot provide taxi chits or Uber reimbursement for staff who want to avoid taking the bus or metro. Public transit remains an acceptable form of transportation, as long as you practice social distancing, wash your hands as often as possible, keep antibacterial gel with you, and avoid touching your face.

For those of us who have a car, would it be possible to get free parking?

Especially if we work in the downtown area, where there is almost always a fee for parking? This would encourage people to travel to work by car, instead of public transit.

(April 21, 2020)


We have managed to obtain some free parking spots around the Jewish General Hospital, CLSC Côte-des-Neiges and Donald Berman Jewish Eldercare Centre. Free parking is also provided at the Jewish General Hospital. To get one of these spots, you can submit request for a parking sticker to your manager, who will add your name to the waiting list. However, we are unable to offer free parking at our downtown sites. According to ministerial guidelines and the provisions of the applicable collective agreements, the cost of parking is reimbursed only for employees who are transferred from one CIUSSS site to another.

I have a parking permit. Often there is no space to park on the street. Might I get a ticket if I use the spaces that are reserved for people with disabilities?

April 21, 2020


The reserved parking spaces that you describe can be used only by an individual (driver or passenger) who has a mobility impairment and a disabled-parking that has been permit issued by the Société d’assurance d’automobile du Québec. If you decide to park in a reserved space without authorization, you risk getting a hefty fine and even having your vehicle towed. Please remember that it is each employee’s responsibility to respect the relevant regulations at all times.

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