Caregivers in CHSLDs and Intermediate Resources (IRs)

As of March 12, 2022, the government has removed the requirement for caregivers and visitors to show their vaccine passport. Nonetheless, all caregivers and visitors will continue to be screened for COVID-19 symptoms upon arrival at our facilities. They will also need to wear a mask, wash their hands and comply with infection control guidelines throughout the visit.


  • Residents may receive up to ten caregivers or visitors at the same time for indoor visits, space permitting.
  • Caregivers and visitors are permitted in common areas, space permitting. When in the common areas, caregivers and visitors need to maintain two-metre physical distancing with other residents and healthcare workers.
  • Caregivers and visitors are permitted to eat and drink inside a resident’s room, as well as in designated common areas, where available. While eating in the room with the resident, the caregiver and/or visitor need to be at least one metre away.
  • Caregivers and visitors may accompany residents circulating throughout the site but must wear masks and maintain physical distancing at all times. Residents should also wear a mask if tolerated and maintain physical distancing while circulating throughout the site.

See also the section on Caregivers.

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