Caregivers in CHSLDs and Intermediate Resources (IRs)

A caregiver is defined as follows:  any person who, on a continuous or occasional basis, provides support to a member of his entourage who has a temporary or permanent disability, and with whom he shares an emotional bond, whether family or no.
Please note the following new public health measures issued by the government and which have been implemented in our CHSLDs and IRs, namely:

  • All caregivers must be fully vaccinated and able to present proof that they are adequately protected to be authorized to enter a CHSLD or IR.
  • Access is now limited to one caregiver per day for each resident. A maximum of four caregivers can be designated by the resident or his representative. A caregiver may visit their loved one more than once during the same day.
  • In addition to helping a resident to consume his meal in the dining room, relatives and visitors are no longer allowed in common places.

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