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"Wave of support" campaign

Thank you for joining the Wave of Support (#waveofsupport) campaign. This initiative was started by the CIUSSS West-Central Montreal to show our ongoing support for our healthcare providers across our entire network, and the whole nation.

As Canadians when our sports team is up against a tough opponent, we start the wave to encourage them. As our teams of healthcare providers continue to battle COVID-19, let’s show them all the support we can!

Use your phone and share a short video of you and your family showing your encouragement. If you have the means and can arrange a teleconference with your whole team, it would make a powerful show of support. They need it now, more than ever.

Here are the logos for you to upload to any videos or images. Make sure to use the hashtag #waveofsupport in English, or #vaguedesoutien in French to propagate the movement of this wave. 

Keep the wave going!

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