New COVID-19 security measures at the JGH

New safety measures, starting Wednesday, December 9

Now that the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is proving to be as difficult to control as the first, CIUSSS West-Central Montreal has decided to re-impose a number of stricter safety measures at the Jewish General Hospital. 

The changes take effect Wednesday, December 9, and will last at least until Sunday, January 31, 2021

This move is being taken voluntarily by our CIUSSS as a means of better protecting the health and safety of patients and staff. As well, we need to ensure that the JGH has the personnel and resources to treat not only COVID-19 patients, but those who require prompt treatment and care for other reasons. 


As of December 9:

Entry and exit points

  • Access to the hospital is available only to essential individuals, and entry will be possible only through the main doors (3755 Côte-Sainte-Catherin Road) and Pavilion K (5767 Légaré Street).
  • The entrance to the Emergency Department remains open for patients who need urgent care.


In-person visits and surgery

  • In-person visits by patients and clients will be severely restricted or discontinued at all clinics. Wherever possible, contact will be maintained with patients, for whom support will be provided via telehealth by phone or on a visual platform such as Zoom.
  • Patients who come to the hospital in person for a clinical appointment must leave immediately after the appointment ends.
  • Some operating rooms may have to close temporarily, at least during the upcoming holiday period.



  • The practice of limiting the number of caregivers to one per patient at a time within 24 hours will be continued (the names of two people are allowed on the caregiver list for the duration of the hospital stay). Similarly, no visitors, except for caregivers, will be allowed into the hospital.
  • Caregivers will be permitted into the hospital only if they comply with the specific policies that are currently in effect in various departments. It is essential that everyone continue to wear personal protective equipment, physically distance and wash their hands frequently. For more details, visit
  • The screening of caregivers will be increased.
  • Caregivers and patients’ families should not send chocolates or other treats to the units, since food must not be shared at the nursing stations.


  • The screening of employees will be increased.
  • Member of staff are being asked not to hold social events of any kind. This includes pot-luck lunches, communal meals or anything that involves the sharing of food.

Enforcing the rules

  • Security guards will be asked to strictly enforce the security measures, which will also be listed on posters in the most commonly used areas.

 Thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation.


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