Long term care

During this exceptional time, as is the case every day in our long-term care centres, the health and well-being of our residents is of the utmost importance.

All our long-term care sites are fully staffed, with staff-resident ratios set out by provincial guidelines. Our staff are our resident’s caregivers, and the needs of our residents are being fully met. In addition to meeting the daily care needs of residents, activities are still taking place to ensure the residents are kept stimulated.

Our healthcare workers are also contacting every family. Families will continue to be contacted as needed. As an additional means of communication, thanks to the generosity of the Donald Berman Maimonides and Donald Berman Jewish Eldercare Foundations, iPads have been ordered for all long-term care sites. As soon as they are received, we will begin a virtual visiting program. We are very excited to implement this new program, along with all our professionals.

Please see the attached message from Dr. Mark Karanofsky – an attending physician at Donald Berman Jewish Eldercare, who calls this time one of his “proudest moments”.

In terms of limiting visits, Dr. Karanofsky shared the following:

At this time, the COVID virus presents a serious threat to the lives of residents in long-term care facilities.  The best chance at survival is to avoid getting sick as much as possible from entering the building.  Once inside, it would be really hard to contain. 

If every resident has two visitors a week that would be 640 extra moments of exposure for the building.  640 more chances for the virus to enter the building. 

Given the risk, right now restricting access is the best way to minimize the risk. 

Staff are eliminating non-essential tasks that free up more time to feed and ensure patients get personal care.  This week I saw such heart from the staff. I want families to know how well cared for and calm their loved ones were.

Mark Karanofsky MDCM, CCFP, FCFP
Interim director, Goldman Herzl Family Practice Centre
Attending Staff, Donald Berman Jewish Eldercare Centre

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