Youth committee
This committee, whose members are 14 to 25 years old, participates in the development and ongoing improvement of Aire ouverte in all stages of the project and in various ways. Its main objective is to ensure that the services respond to the needs of young people. The way in which people participate (consultation, collaboration, partnership) may vary according to the objectives that are defined and the desire of young people to be involved.

Roles and responsibilities of young people

  • Participate in meetings
  • Express their opinion on various subjects (requests, problems, opportunities, etc.) related to the development and continuous improvement of Aireouverte
  • Think, discuss and debate in groups
  • Define the problems and recommendations that are forwarded to the tactical or strategic committees
  • Participate in certain media activities
  • Play an active role in the orientation of the youth committee and in preparing agendas, including those of the strategic committee
  • Take a position on priorities, and define objectives and a work plan, in conjunction with the organization's stakeholders
  • Identify a member to act as a representative of the youth committee in certain instances or during consultations on current matters specific to Aire ouverte
  • Adopt a partnership and co-construction role
  • Be aware of and respect the principles of Aire ouverte when making decisions

Family committee
This committee’s role is to involve parents and caregivers in the project and in delivering the services of Aire ouverte. Parents and caregivers will be able to share their concerns and express their own needs and those of the youths in their care.

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