Workshops for Parents of Teens

Free workshops for parents of teens

Do you feel overwhelmed by your teen's behaviour? Are you having trouble communicating with them or setting boundaries?

That’s why our Parenting Skills Workshops were created! Hosted by social workers and psychoeducators, these workshops are designed to answer the questions parents most often ask. A range of topics will be discussed, and parents will get the opportunity to exchange so they can break down the isolation they may be feeling.

The themes we cover are varied and address different problems:

  • Parent‒teen communication;
  • Risky behaviour among teens;
  • School motivation;
  • Immigrant parents;
  • Conflict management;
  • Screen management;
  • And lots more

These workshops are open to all parents of teens in Greater Montreal. However, you need to sign up for the workshop ahead of time.

To sign up

514-731-8531 ext. 42826

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