A CLSC nurse will contact parents after their child is born to plan their postnatal follow-up. A nurse will then visit your home within 24 to 72 hours of baby’s discharge from hospital.

What happens at a postnatal follow-up?

During the visit, the nurse:

  • Examines the newborn
  • Checks up on the mom's health
  • Answers any questions the parents may have
  • Gives both new parents advice and recommendations on breastfeeding, baby care and other topics

If you haven't been contacted by a nurse yet, contact the CLSC near your home for follow-up.

Respecting the rights of newborns

Our team ensures that the rights of newborns are respected and protected, since these infants are unable to describe their own needs. Indeed, babies have the right to safe care, as well as health services of the highest quality, including healthy nutrition and a guarantee of not having to undergo unnecessary separation from the mother.

This why our team provides essential information to users and their families about the rights of newborns.  

In doing so, we refer to various documents and reference guides (including those listed below) to ensure the protection of newborns and respect for their rights, as we follow them to the best of our ability:

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