Prenatal Follow-up

Ma grossesse: a new service for pregnant women in Quebec

Ma grossesse is available to all women living in Quebec.

What is Ma grossesse?

It's a service that helps pregnant women find quickly the information and professionals they need, and to be followed by a health professional from the beginning of their pregnancy.   

It is important that all pregnant women be followed by a health professional from the start of their pregnancy, for their health as well as the health of their unborn child.

How do I sign up for Ma grossesse?

You need to complete a short  online form, available in 11 languages.

 Sign up for Ma grossesse

If you need help in filling out the form, please call 514-731-8531 ext. 2007.

What happens after the form is sent in?

You will receive:

  • information on free prenatal services available near you (ex. prenatal meetings, help with breastfeeding);
  • advice and resources for frequently encountered situations during pregnancy.

Women who require certain services will receive help for:

  • finding a health professional to follow them during their pregnancy;
  • getting coupons for food and vitamins during their pregnancy;
  • obtaining support if they are in a difficult situation.

Follow-up with a midwife

If you wish to be followed by a midwife during your pregnancy please contact the Côte-des-Neiges Birthing Centre, which is located in our territory. 

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