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Due to the COVID-19 situation, if you wish to receive a medical assessment, you must visit the  RVSQ website or call Info-Santé at 811. A nurse will assess your situation and offer you an appointment via telehealth with a doctor. Once the doctor has completed his/her assessment by telephone or video, depending on the outcome, you may be asked to visit a designated clinic in person, if necessary.


The Village Santé Family Medicine Group (FMG-U) is a group of family physicians who work closely in collaboration with other health care professionals. Together, the interdisciplinary team members ensure an improved follow-up of clients registered with a family physician in the FMG-U. 

Clients registered with a Village Santé FMG-U family physician can access services at any one of our sites.

The teams are located in: 

The Village Santé FMG-U is affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine of McGill University. It is a teaching site for medical residents, and actively participates in knowledge development and application acquired through research.  

Physician in charge
Dr. Vania Jimenez                    

Services availables

  • Services for adult clientele
  • Chronic conditions
  • Mental Health (moderate conditions and situational)
  • Pregnancy care and perinatal follow-up: call 514-731-1381 ext. 2243

After hours services
A nurse from Info-Santé is available to speak with you 24/7 by calling 8-1-1.

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