I’m an Asylum Seeker

Clinical Steps (Services Offered)

The PRAIDA intake team offers these services:

  1. Assessment of basic needs and guidance on arrival in Canada or when filing an application for asylum in Canada
  2. Assessment of transportation and housing needs
  3. Guidance and assistance with immigration processes connected to seeking asylum (finding a lawyer, explaining the process, applying for a work permit, assisting vulnerable people, etc.)
  4. Guidance and assistance with settling in Quebec (finding housing, enrolling children in school, learning French, food banks, volunteering, etc.)
  5. Referrals to various community organizations for support, as needed
  6. Emergency and temporary shelter on arrival in Canada, conditional on processes connected to seeking asylum and social assessment
  7. Short-term financial support in the form of public transit passes and food vouchers, conditional on a social assessment
  8. Financial assistance for families seeking asylum and receiving welfare who have three or more children
  9. Psychosocial assessment and referral to the PRAIDA follow-up team for vulnerable people: trauma victims, people with mental health problems associated with the migration process, victims of intimate partner violence, complex immigration cases, children with special needs, etc.
  10. Crisis intervention (suicidal thoughts, disorganization, etc.)
  11. Initial assessment and referral to the PRAIDA care team for unaccompanied minors (child asylum seekers who have arrived in Canada without their biological parents or a legal guardian)

Administrative Steps (to Receive PRAIDA Services)

Ouverture d’un dossier

Bring all your immigration papers with you to 3725 St. Denis Street, Montreal, near the Sherbrooke metro station. You don’t need an appointment. You’ll be directed to the reception room, where you will register and open your file, if it’s your first visit.

Then you’ll meet a social worker, who will assess your needs.

Please note that we don’t do assessments over the phone. You must come to our offices in person.

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