Day Hospital

Day Hospital Program (16.5- to 65- year-olds)

The Adult Psychiatry Day Treatment Program is a therapeutic, intensive and structured eight-week intervention. It aims to promote recovery and reduce hospitalization for patients with acute mental health problems. The goal of the program is to help these patients resolve their immediate crises, regain function, and reintegrate into the community. It operates within a holistic, psychotherapeutic and patient-centred framework. Twelve patients are admitted at one time, but referrals are accepted on a continuous basis. The program is reserved for patients in the JGH sector.

See Adult Psychiatry Day Treatment Program.

Trauma-Focused Therapy Program

The Trauma-Focused Therapy Program is a specialized psychotherapy program to help people overcome the impact of childhood and adult trauma. It uses a stepped care model and primarily employs group therapy. In order to safely take part in this type of therapy, patients require a degree of stability in their lives. The first step is for all patients who are accepted to take part in a psychoeducation and skill development group for eight weeks. Then, they will have the opportunity to decide on the next step of treatment in collaboration with the clinical team. For example, groups may focus on somatic regulation, sexual healing, interpersonal relationships, creative expression, or living in a couple. Once stabilization skills are acquired, an individual therapy option (26 sessions) is provided. As our service is strictly psychotherapeutic, patients’ other medical and psychiatric needs are not covered by the program. This program is reserved for patients who receive services from our Psychiatry department.

See the Trauma-Focused Therapy Program.

Program Manager

Isabelle Bordeleau


Dr. Zoë Thomas

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