Information about temporary shelters – PRAIDA

Temporary shelters – PRAIDA

  • Total capacity : 1 150 beds
  • Shared washing area
  • Vaccination twice weekly
  • PRAIDA team (psychosocial follow-up, volunteers, Partners, organizations providing assistance with lodging)
  • Food service: 3 meals per day

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Search for volunteers

The Regional Program for the Settlement and Integration of Asylum Seekers (PRAIDA) is a program of the Integrated Health and Social Service Network (CIUSS) of West Central Montreal. PRAIDA's mission is to facilitate the settlement and integration of asylum seekers in the province of Quebec, by offering psychosocial and health services, as well as temporary accommodation on arrival, according to certain eligibility criteria.

During their stay in our accommodation centers, asylum seekers have to undertake several steps in connection with their integration into Quebec. Such as: filing administrative documents and forms, find a permanent accommodation, schedule an appointment for immigration medical examination, find a lawyer, help with the translation of documents and other procedures relating to the regularization of their migratory status.

Asylum seekers come from many different parts of the world, each with a different background. Some need more support in their process. PRAIDA is therefore looking for motivated volunteers who would be willing to commit themselves in supporting the asylum seekers in their process.


  • Supporting users in their process
  • Answer questions related to their integration


  • Volunteer work (unpaid)
  • Minimum of 5 hours per week


  • Work as part of an engaged and dynamic team
  • Work in a vibrant multicultural environment
  • Gain experience related to human rights and refugee law
  • Experience in a health and social services and community setting
  • Letter of recommendation at the end of the volunteering period

How to apply

To submit your application, please send your resume to the following address:

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