Local or regional partnerships with the community

The success of public health interventions depends largely on the cooperation and involvement of partners. In order to make this happen, the decision makers and stakeholders from all sectors of society who hold the necessary means to act on determinants of health, are called upon to work together.

Some examples:

  • Support provided by community organizers to the community;
  • Participation in the collective impact projects (PICS) in different neighbourhoods;
  • Research partnerships with the community (CREGÈS and SHERPA);
  • Gambling/betting and addiction prevention;
  • Participation in local consultations: promoting favourable environments; development of children, youth and families; social participation of seniors; sanitary and affordable housing; 
  • Food security;
  • Mental health promotion;
  • Neighbourhood revitalization;
  • Poverty reduction; educational success;
  • Integration, health and well-being of diverse populations (people with disabilities, newcomers, indigenous people, homeless people)

Community development service requests 

Community partners can apply for services for community development needs including:

  • Support to community organizations 
  • Analysis of community needs 
  • Resource development 
  • Strategic planning 
  • Consultation
  • Mobilization and awareness 
  • Project development on specific issues (ex.: food security, housing, seniors, health inequalities of racialized and immigrant people, etc.) 

Requests sent to the access point will be thoroughly analyzed and treated according to priority level and availability of resources. 

Other services available

  • Linking interventions between the CIUSSS and the community 
  • Communicating with partners (newsletter, invitations to partner meetings, acknowledgement of service requests, etc.) 
  • Sharing expertise on COVID-19 prevention measures 
  • Support for evaluating and adapting the service offer to the COVID-19 context 
  • Collaborating on COVID-19 vaccination pop-up clinics in the community

How to reach the Public Health and Partnerships team

Email:  brigadesantepublique.ccomtl@ssss.gouv.qc.ca

Voicemail: 514-731-1386 ext. 7015

 Service requests form

For information on CIUSSS West-Central Montreal services available to the population or to refer an individual, please contact the centralized intake at 514-484-7878 ext. 61420 or by email at  accueilcentralise.ccomtl@ssss.gouv.qc.ca.

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