Promotion of health and prevention


  • Implementation of CIUSSS policies (e.g., Smoke-Free Environment Policy) 
  • Smoking cessation centres 
  • STAND UP! Program (preventing falls among seniors) 
  • Vaccination for children under the age of 5 at CLSCs and school-age youths 
  • Influenza vaccine 
  • Vaccination campaign against the outbreak of infectious diseases (e.g., measles) 
  • Youth clinic SIDEP: integrated screening and prevention for HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBI) 
  • CAMSI: Injection Equipment Access Centre 
  • Workshops in schools 
  • Support from healthcare partners (e.g., medical clinics, pharmacies) to ensure the integration of health promotion in their practices 
  • Training and raising awareness among healthcare workers 
  • Community workshops on health awareness (e.g., nutrition, tobacco) 
  • Implementation of the Regional Public Health Action Plan (PARI) in the CIUSSS

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