User Identification

For your safety, we double-check your identity

At CIUSSS West-Central Montreal, looking after healthcare users in a safe and secure environment is one of our top priorities. Therefore, when users visit any of our facilities, we take special steps to ensure that they receive the care and services that are intended for them.

To do so, a user’s identity must be double-checked by referring to two identifiers that are presented at every point of care, such as before a test or exam. If the user is not able to speak for himself/herself, a family member or representative can speak on their behalf.

These identifiers are compared against information on the user's identification bracelet (if applicable), on an identification card or in any official documents related to the care and services that are being provided.

Free-flowing communication between users and healthcare professionals is the key to a strong partnership. Thus, at any time during the journey of care, a user or his/her representative has the right to verify that the labels on their tests and on their specimens accurately reflect the user’s identity.

Types of valid identifiers include:

  • Full name (first and last name)
  • Date of birth
  • Medical record number on the hospital card
  • Health insurance card number (RAMQ)
  • Address
  • Father's first name
  • Mother's maiden name 

Learn more about double identification in the short video below

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