JGH Journals by Title A-Z 

 Directory of Open Access Journals
 APA PsycArticles Full Text (OVID)
 BMJ Mental Health - formerly Evidence-Based Mental Health (open access)
 e-journals LWW Total Access Collection (OVID)
 Oxford Academic - Journals (many Open Source items)

Point of Care and Continuing Education Tools

Please Note: The CMA no longer includes clinical tools and services as part of  CMA membership.

 CINAHL Education (CE for Nurses and allied health professionals)
 Online Care Procedures (MSI)
 Natural Medicines (access restricted to JGH)
 Nursing Reference Center Plus (access restricted to JGH)
 PEN Database (5 simultaneous users maximum. Please close your session when done)
 Rx Vigilence
 UpToDate (access restricted to JGH)
 Library of Search Strategy Resources (free online resource)

Ressources en français

 Boussole Grise (Répertoire de ressources de littérature grise en santé publique de l'INSPQ) (Revues et ouvrages en sciences humaines et sociales)
 CiSMeF (Catalogue et index des sites médicaux de langue française)
 LiSSa (Littérature scientifique en santé)
 Mieux réussir un examen de la portée en sciences de la santé (UdeM)
 OVID Français
 Persée (Collections complètes de publications scientifiques)


McGill eResources

​​​​​​Only people who are individually affiliated with McGill University as a faculty or staff member, student, or medical resident are authorized to access McGill Library e-resources from off campus. Please  click here for more details.

 McGill Library: Databases A-Z

 CINAHL Plus with Full-Text
 Clinical Key
 Cochrane Library
 Evidence-Based Practice Resources - Interactive Guide
 e-CPS / RxTx
 EMBASE (need VPN)
 Health and Biological Sciences Subject Guides
 McGill Search for Full Text
 McGill Catalogue (WorldCat)
 Medline (need VPN)
 PsycINFO (need VPN)
 PubMed (Medline, etc.)
 TRIP database
 Web of Science

A-Z List of eResources

News - December 2023

Please Note: The CMA no longer includes clinical tools and services as part of CMA membership. It provides  this page to help physicians and medical learners locate alternate sources of clinical information.

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