Family medicine groups (FMG)

FMGs are groups of family physicians who work closely in collaboration with other health care professionals. This inter-professional collaboration contributes to the quality and accessibility of care and services

This section presents the services offered by each of the professionals and offers guides and tools for integration and co-management of the professionals provided by the CIUSSS.  

Rôle of professionals in FMG


Nurse clinician 

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 Complete description

Nursing assistans (GMF-R and GMF-U only)

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 Complete description

Nursing  technicians (GMF-R)

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 Complete description

Nurse practitioner (GMF-U)

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 Complete description

Social Worker

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 Complete description


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Nursing comparative table 
Compared nursing assistant, nursing technician, nursing clinician and nurse practitioner’s role in front line services (French only). 


Pharmacist – A   guide to help prepare a contract with a pharmacist (French only)


Pharmacist - Model contract to sign with a pharmacist (mandatory)
(French only)

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The MSSS also offers Integration Guides for FMG professionals. These guides present the collaboration that can take place between a doctor and another professional in a context of primary care in FMG.
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Integration and co-management of professionals in FMG

Co-management is the sharing of leadership and accountability across FMG and CIUSSS to meet certain objectives, including:

  • successful inter-professional collaboration – FMG doctors and CIUSSS professionals
  • the quality of professional services that are provided to clients
  • the efficient use of professional resources of the CIUSSS for the benefit of society (performance)

Here are documents supporting the co-management of professionals in FMG

Co-management of CIUSSS professionals in FMG

Illustration of co-management in FMG


Co-management – Detailed sharing of responsibilities  


Follow-up grid for co-managers


Preparing the integration of a new professional in a FMG – checklist


See also:

 Outil en soutien à l’accueil et l’intégration d’un travailleur social en GMF (French only)

Collective agreement for professionals hired by the CIUSSS

 Former CSSS de la Montagne -  Summary of collective agreements for nurses and other professionals

 Former CSSS Cavendish - Summary of collective agreements for nurses and other professionals

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