Psychosocial services

Description of the services

Psychosocial services are available for people with intermittent or short-term problems, as well as those whose problems are of a chronic nature or are reversable. The majority of our services are offered in CLSCs. A person can also be referred to internal and external services within the CIUSSS. 

Our services are provided by social workers and psychologists.

Centralized psychosocial intake

This service is reserved for health professionals.

A dedicated team is located at CLSC de Benny Farm. The team treates all requests from across our territory.

Psychosocial intake (AAOR)

We offer a clinical follow-up to a maximum of 3 meetings, for situations or problems that can be resolved though short-term interventions such as mental health crises (follow-up of suicide/homicide risk evaluation, psychiatric court order, etc.); conjugal violence intervention according to the person's needs; linking up to community services; timely support for vulnerable clienteles (homelessness, disability, literacy, allophone, etc.)

The intervention may end at the intake, or the person could be referred to another program or to a communuty organization.
If you need to speak to a social worker, please call Info-Social at 811.

Admissible clientele

  • All residents who live in CIUSSS West-Montreal's territory

Service offer

  • In person at the CLSC (without appointment)

To request this service

Duration of services

  • As needed, to a maximum of three sessions

Social consultation

The social consultation service is offered to people aged 18 and over who have specific situational problems. These include bereavement, communication difficulties for a couple and/or among members of a family, professional or life-stage problems, problems related to victimization (domestic violence, legal proceedings, etc.), and the need for general social services that a client receives an individual or as a member of a group.

Admissible clientele

  • Adults 18 years and older who live in CIUSSS West-Montreal's territory

Service offer

  • Present yourself at the psychosocial intake. A social worker will evaluate your request.  

To request this service

Duration of services

  • As needed, to a maximum of 12 sessions

Other resources


Telephone: 811 or web page.

Crisis Centre

Telephone: 211 or 1 844 387-3598

Tracom Crisis Centre

Telephone: 514-483-3033 or  web site.

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