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Public Health for all

Public Health is an essential component of the health and social services network. Its objective is to maintain and improve the health and well-being of society.

Public Health is founded on the principles of social justice, individuals' rights and fairness, and it relies on programs and policies that are based on evidence.

Le plan d'action régional intégré en santé publique - PARI

(Integrated Regional Public Health Action Plan)

The Regional Director of Public Health is responsible for developing and coordinating the implementation of a regional action plan in line with the Programme national de santé publique (PNSP). This plan is said to be "integrated”, since it includes the public health activities of the Regional Department and Montreal’s five CIUSSSs.

  • To consult the PARI, click  here (only in French)
  • To consult the PARI 2023–2025 summary booklet, click  here (only in French)
  • CCOMTL local priorities:
    • Access to healthcare and social services, including mental health
    • Child and youth development
    • Living conditions related to housing and food security
    • Immigrants’ experience and problems accessing related services
    • Drug use and problems related to violence, safety and homelessness

Below you will find video clips (in French only) that summarize the five priority themes of the Public Health network.

1. Child development

2. Young people's mental health

3. Healthy aging

4. The opioid crisis

5. Climate-resilient neighbourhoods and residents

Public Health News

Public health notices, articles and media

This section features current public health alerts and other articles to help keep Montrealers healthy.

  •  Public health alerts (only in French)
  • Other useful links:
    • Regional public health information:  Santé Montréal (some content available in English)
    • Provincial public health information:  INSPQ (some content available in English)
    • Key statistics on Montréal’s population:  EMIS (only in French)

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