PRAIDA (Regional Program for the Settlement and Integration of Asylum Seekers)

 ***As of March 22, 2021 the PRAIDA office will be located at 35, rue de Port-Royal East, Montreal, Quebec H3L 3T1.***


PRAIDA was founded in 1956. It was formerly known as SARIMM (Service d’aide aux réfugiés et aux immigrants du Montréal métropolitain) and SAVI (Service d’aide aux voyageurs et aux immigrants), two programs that merged in 2006. During its sixty years of existence, PRAIDA was able to acquire a vast expertise in terms of assessment and intervention in the context of humanitarian immigration, traumas, intercultural approach and diversity management. 

PRAIDA draws on first line intervention practices in the context of cultural diversity, developed within the previously CSSS de la Montagne, now CIUSSS West-Central Montreal. The program  is enriched with scientific input from the CIUSS Research and education centre, as well as support from the Director of the university mission (education, ethics program).


PRAIDA’s official mandate is established by an agreement between the MIFI and the MSSS, to meet the needs of asylum seekers throughout Quebec.


PRAIDA aims to improve the well-being of asylum seekers and their families, with respect for their rights and dignity. Its mission is to facilitate the settlement and integration of asylum seekers in Quebec.

Intake teams

PRAIDA’s intake service is the point of entry into the health and social services system for asylum seekers and others with precarious immigration status. The services offered are:

  • Social functioning assessment;
  • Assessment of needs and risk factors screening;
  • Evaluation of eligibility to temporary shelter and transportation;
  • Information on immigration, settlement and integration processes;
  • Guidance to internal or external complementary resources;
  • Wellbeing assessment for resettled refugees living on the Island of Montreal.

Follow-up team

The psychosocial follow-up team provides medium- and long-term interventions to more vulnerable clients, referred by the intake team or other professionals from various organizations, by the following means :

  • Social functioning evaluation
  • Psychosocial assistance for users presenting situational difficulties associated with the migration process, their immigration case and encountering obstacles in their integration to the country of asylum;
  • Referral to 1st or 2nd line services or community organizations;
  • Mediation with various community organizations to gain access to different services.

The psychosocial follow-up team additionally has two specific mandates, as follows:

  • Comprehensive care for unaccompanied minor
  • Designated representation

Health team

  • Screening assessment, referral and orientation for people presenting a health condition :
    • Pregnant women
    • Unstable chronic illness
    • Prescription renewal
    • Mental health issues
    • Punctual healthcare needs
  • Vaccination for housed asylum seekers
    • 48 hours after arrival;
    • According to vaccination schedule (- 4 yo)
    • Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Varicella (4 yo +), Influenza
  • Physical health assessment for refugees residing on the Island of Montreal

Awareness and research activities

PRAIDA’s awareness and research activities fall under the six headings of the university mission of the Integrated Health and Social Service Network (CIUSS) of West Central Montreal . Those activities include the following :

  • Training and education for professionals and partners working with asylum seekers regarding migration process, differences in statuses and rights, role and responsibilities, the path towards asylum claiming, services offered at PRAIDA;
  • Research activities on issues involving asylum seekers and refugees;
  • Taking part in conferences, round tables, training workshops, etc., on subjects involving asylum seekers and refugees;
  • Hosting and exchanging with foreign teams working internationally with asylum seekers.


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