One of the missions of our is to provide excellent care to patients, users, residents, clients and their families. The Quality Program builds on this mission. It is thanks to the dedicated staff that the program is a success.

The Quality Program was launched in 1996 at the Jewish General Hospital and was strong in all our institutions with exemplary standings at many accreditation visits. The focus of the Quality program is to measure performance and rapidly develop action plans that improve the quality of care and services for users and their families.

Accountability for quality and exceptional user experience are the visions in our CIUSSS. Quarterly reports are presented to the Board of Directors describing the results of the Quality Improvement initiatives. Furthermore, Board members has taken an active role in the Vigilance Committee. The strong support of the Board of Directors and of the Executive Committee is important to us and we believe contributes to the success of the program.

The program is chaired by Dr Anne Lemay, DGA- Director of Quality and Chantal Bellerose, Coordinator of Quality.

Quality Improvement teams are supported by Quality-Risk Chiefs, Patient Experience Chief, Volunteer-Pastoral Chief and Quality-Risk Advisors. Team are chaired by Quality Champions. The goal is to foster strong multidisciplinary partnerships working toward improving the quality of care and services in partnership with the users and family. All missions and key committees have patients-users partners as members.

The Quality Program continues to evolve and we are constantly seeking new ways to improve it. Your feedback regarding our website and our program is welcomed and valued. We will be improving and adding to the site on a regular basis, so we hope that you will check in regularly.

Enjoy your stay,

Joanne Côté               Chantal Bellerose

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