One of the missions of our CIUSSS is to provide excellent care to patients, users, residents, clients and their families. The Quality Program of the CIUSSS CCOMTL builds on this mission. It is thanks to the dedicated staff that the program is a success.

The Quality Program is strong with exemplary standings at our many accreditation visits. The focus of the Quality program is the constant evaluation of the integrated management of our performance and rapidly developing action plans that improve the quality of care and services for our users and their families.

Accountability for quality and exceptional user experience are the visions in our CIUSSS. Quarterly reports are presented to the Board of Directors describing the results of the Quality Improvement initiatives. Furthermore, Board members have taken an active role in the Vigilance Committee. The strong support of the Board of Directors and of the Executive Committee is important to us and we believe contributes to the success of the program. We also have a very active Quality and Risk management Committee with a good interdisciplinary and intersectorial representation.

The Direction of Quality, Transformation, Evaluation, Value, Clinical & Organizational Ethics, and Virtual Care (DQTEVE-SV) is directed by Joanne Côté, Director of the DQTEVE-SV and the two assistants to the directorate, Chantal Bellerose and Louise Grenier. Over 75 continous quality improvement teams (CQI-PLanetree teams) work digilently at meeting best practices standards. Over 60 patient partners are integrated in teams.CQI-Planetree teams are led by quality champions. We strive for strong interdisciplinary quality improvement of care and services in true partenrship with our users and their families in a person centred approach. 

Quality Improvement teams receive education and support by the directorates and experts. The DQTEVE-SV team is also composed of a Chief of quality-Risk-user experience, 2 Senior Advisors, Quality Advisors well integrated in the CQI treams and a Patient Experience Advisor in addition to devoted administrative staff. All work in true collaboration with partners to ensure best success and coherence of the program.

The Quality Program continues to evolve and we are constantly seeking new ways to improve it. 

Many thanks to all our leaders, champions, users and partners committed to helping us improve our mission.

Maude Beaupré, Associate Director, Quality, Transformation, Evaluation, Valuation, Ethics and Virtual Care
Daria Lebidoff,  Coordinator of Quality, Risk Management, Accreditation , Clinical & Organizational Ethics, User Experience and Volunteering 

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