Private and semi-private room rates in hospitals

At your request and depending on availability, during your hospitalization you may occupy a ward (a room with more than two beds), a semi-private room, or a private room. The maximum daily rate for a semi-private room (two beds) or a private room is written on the room request form and is also specified by the admission clerk. There is no charge for occupying a ward. If you are a resident of Quebec and have private insurance, you must present your proof of insurance coverage, so that the admission clerk notes all the information required for billing (name of the insurance company, insurance policy number, etc.). We strongly suggest that you contact your insurance company to determine which category of room (private or semi-private) is specified in your contract and in what proportion these costs are covered by your insurer.

To obtain more details on the user's responsibilities and the financial impact of the room choice, we invite you to review the information on the room request form, which you are required to sign.

Important facts

  1. There is no guarantee that you will get the room you requested. The allocation of private and semi-private rooms is prioritized for those whose medical condition requires it.
  2. You may be transferred from your room, if necessary, to accommodate another patient's medical condition.
  3. If your chosen room type is unavailable, your request will be granted when space permits.
  4. You will be required to pay the charges for the private or semi-private room you requested even if:
    1. Your stay in such a room is or becomes medically required ;
    2. Your stay in such a room is interrupted (e.g., emergency room visit, temporary leave, etc.).
  5. If you request a private room and receive a semi-private room, you remain responsible for the semi-private room, unless you occupy a semi-private room in a care unit with no ward.
  6. You may change your request at any time by submitting it to the Admissions Department. See below for contact information of the various Admissions Departments.





Jewish General Hospital


(514) 340-8211

Mount Sinai Hospital


(514) 369-2222 (1211)

Richardson Hospital


(514) 484-7878 (62110)

Catherine Booth Hospital

(514) 484-7878 (64300)

Maximum** room charge*, per day of hospitalization***.

Private room : $232.19

Semi private room : $101.82

* These rates are established pursuant to the Règlement modifiant divers règlements fixant des tarifs en contrepartie de certaines prestations d’organismes et d’établissements, enacted by décret n° 1698-2022 (2022, G.O. 2, 6589).

** The rates may vary from one hospital to another and may depend on the different types of rooms.

*** A hospital day begins at midnight.

Rates in effect until December 31, 2024.

Room charges are billed at the time of your discharge from the hospital, or a few days later. Room charges are billed once a month until discharge so that you have an overview of the charges billed.

Please note that the invoice shows the type of room provided, not the type of room charged.

For example, if you requested a semi-private room and occupied a private room, you will be billed as a semi-private room. See this  sample invoice.
* Do not refer to the prices in the sample invoice as these are not the latest updated rates.

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