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COVID-19 Procedures

At the Birthing Center, we are doing everything we can to welcome you in a place of warmth and peace, even during this pandemic. Also, we are adhering to the governement's sanitary mesures, for you and your family's safety.

Starting October 15 2021, pregnant/postnatal women do not need to show a full proof of vaccination to receive care here at the birthing house or the hospital. The Goverment of Quebec requires every visitor or attendee of 13 years of age and older to show a full proof of vaccination and a government issued ID to be able to accompany a client. This measure is required in every installation, including hospitals and birthing houses.

For every prenatal and post-natal consultation, we will have to verify your partner or attendees proof of vaccination through the Vaxicode app or a written proof. Unfortunately, the partner or attendant who is not fully vaccinated will not be able to come for the consultation.

The Quebec government has decided that the delivery period be exempted of this measure, meaning that person accimpaning the birthing women won't have to show proof of vaccination for the whole delivery period and for the immediate postpartum at the birthing house, as well as the hospital. If you want to have a second attendee, this person will have to be fully vaccinated. 

 We would like to remind you that the instructions regarding the number of attendees stays the same: only one person can accompany you during the prenatal and postnatal consultations. Children still can't enter in the Birthing House during the consultations and delivery period (only exception for immediate postpartum: one kid at a time can be present with you in the room).

Upon arrival: 

  • The administrative agent will ask you questions regarding your health
  • You will have to wash your hands
  • You will have to change your mask for a procedure mask

You can also read the Guide to Pregnancy and Baby's Arrival During the COVID-19 Pandemic.


The Côte-des-Neiges Birthing Centre is a welcoming space for pregnant women and families in the Montreal area who wish to experience pregnancy and childbirth with the help of midwives. These services, covered by the health insurance card, are integrated into the perinatal program of CIUSSS West-Central Montreal.

Midwives offer pre- and post-natal pregnancy follow-up and natural childbirth to healthy women whose pregnancies are proceeding normally. The physical environment of the Birthing Centre and the equipment in it promote and protect the natural and physiological course of pregnancy, childbirth and the reception of the newborn.

How to reach us

6560 Côte-des-Neiges, Montreal (Quebec), H3S 2A7
Phone: 514-736-2323 (736 BÉBÉ )
Fax: 514-736-0705
Public transit: bus 165 North or 435 from Côte-des-Neiges metro station, or bus 160 East from Plamondon metro station.


The Birthing Centre is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (closed at lunchtime). Outside of these hours, you can leave a voicemail message. In case of an emergency, you can reach your midwife or her teammate on a pager.

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