I've been contacted by a journalist – what should I do?

We are aware that in recent weeks several members of our CIUSSS have been contacted directly by journalists including through social media. If you receive such a request, we ask that you tell the journalist to contact the Media Relations team of the Communications and Media Relations department. The team will triage the request, contact the appropriate department or directorate, and coordinate with the journalist. 

What can you do if you are contacted by the media?

  1. You can refuse the request outright.  
  2. If you want to give the interview, your supervisor must authorize the request.
  3. Ask the media outlet/journalist to contact the Media Relations team.

What we will do for you

  1. We will process the request. 
  2. We will organize the interview. 
  3. We can give you training on do’s and don’ts when speaking to the media.

Speaking to a media outlet without permission or training could land you in hot water. You may inadvertently share confidential information, or you may give false information without knowing all the facts of the situation.

To reach the Media Relations team

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