Youths in Difficulty

The Youth in Difficulty team is made up of a social worker, psychoeducators, special care counsellors, speech language pathologist and psychologist who work in interdisciplinarity to offer support and training to families and youth experiencing difficulty in certain areas including:

  • Adaptation of newly arrived immigrants
  • Adjusting to different life cycles
  • Child developmental stages
  • Discipline and structure
  • Lack of resources
  • Family and spousal violence
  • Disease
  • Depression
  • Suicide and drug use

The Youth in Difficulty team works in collaboration with schools and community partners to offer the best services possible.


For youth under 14 years old, consent from the parents is mandatory.

For youth 14 and older, parental consent is not necessary.

Available services

The Youth in Difficulty team offers personalized and adapted services:

  • individual (for the parent as well as the child)
  • parents/family
  • in a group for specific issues
    (group activities vary depending on the demand or needs of clients and availability)
  • Workshops for parents of teens
  • Follow-up in the CLSC and in the home environment

How to request services

Present yourself at the psychosocial intake of your CLSC or call 8-1-1.

For more information on our services, listen to the episode on Youth at Risk of the Your Health CIUSSS podcast:

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