Promoting health and preventing health issues


Health promotion aims to influence health in positive ways and help individuals, groups and communities to have greater control over their health. The objective is to increase everyone’s ability not only to stay healthy but to improve their health through better living conditions and lifestyles. Health is not simply the absence of disease, but having a body and mind that support a full life.


Prevention aims to reduce risks that can lead to illness, psychological and social problems, and the consequences of trauma. By taking certain precautions, individuals can prevent the issue and thus avoid the need for medication or treatment. Getting vaccinated, using a condom and wearing a seatbelt are examples of prevention. 

Promotion and prevention campaigns



Third week of January

Tobacco-Free Québec Week

Québec’s anti-tobacco and vaping portal:
1 866 527-7383 or (only in French, with the exception of the module «  J’arrête – I quit now » online method for quitting smoking module that is available in English.)

First week of February

National Suicide Prevention Week

Québec suicide prevention resources:
 1 866 APPELLE (277-3553) or

CRISIS: 9-8-8 (call or text) or

Third week of November

National Addictions Awareness Week

Alcohol, drug and medication help and referral:
 1 800 265-2626 or

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