Top priority health determinants for Montrealers

Health determinants are organized into four action areas defined by the Programme national de santé publique (2015–2025).

1. Child and youth overall development

  • Preventive perinatal and early childhood services
  • Breastfeeding
  • Family environment
  • Quality educational childcare services (with daycares)
  • Oral health habits of 0–17-year-olds (with daycares and schools)
  • Preventive dental services for children (with schools)
  • Specific preventive youth services
  • Interpersonal violence and bullying among young people
  • Relationships and sexuality among young people

2. Healthy, safe environments and lifestyles

  • Food
  • Physical activity, safe active transportation and sedentary lifestyles (with municipal authorities)
  • Smoking and exposure to tobacco smoke
  • Alcohol, drugs and gambling
  • Housing sanitation and affordability
  • Sanitation in institutional facilities
  • Exposure to workplace hazards
  • Exposure to extreme heat
  • Exposure to noise and outdoor air pollution
  • Exposure to hazards in the air, water and soil
  • Community suicide prevention services
  • Clinical prevention services for chronic diseases and falls
  • Seniors’ social participation
  • Empowering local communities

3. Infectious disease prevention and control

  • Vaccination services and coverage
  • STBBI prevention and treatment and drug-related harm reduction services
  • Tuberculosis prevention and treatment services
  • Exposure to infections in healthcare facilities
  • Exposure to infections in living environments and the natural environment

4. Health risk/threat management and emergency preparedness

  • Monitoring, investigation, risk assessment and protection services
  • Preparing for and responding to major emergencies

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