Housing Safety and Affordability

In accordance with Montreal’s integrated public health plan (2023-2025), the CIUSSS West-Central Montreal works in collaboration with community groups, municipalities and healthcare professionals to reduce unsanitary housing conditions and increase the availability of affordable housing.

We provide our partners with some tools that can help to intervene in housing-related issues.

Our partners can also make referrals using the following form if they identify someone who needs to be assessed by a healthcare professional:

To coordinate interventions in the community, our partners can use the contact details provided in the following sheet:

Services for care homes and other congregate residential facilities

  • Disseminate public health guidelines and recommended preventive measures
  • Respond to complex concerns
  • Support facilities in applying hygiene measures
  • Offer training on housing sanitation to workers
  • Refer facilities to existing resources able to address their needs

For any question or concerns regarding a user or an employee who is dealing with insalubrity, please contact your local Public Health team at   guichetsantepublique.ccomtl@ssss.gouv.qc.ca.

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