Located near the Décarie highway, the MDCM Clinic was founded on May 1st, 2009 by Drs. Paul Cruvellier and George Michaels. This GMF now has more than 30 physicians, including some of the best specialists in the Montreal area. The MDCM clinic offers a friendly environment where patients are the priority.

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Clinic or OfficeContact information
GMF MDCM5515, St-Jacques St.
Montreal, QC, H4A 2E3

Office 100, ground floor
Phone: 514-484-0999
Fax: 514-484-9262

Office 203, 2nd floor
Phone: 514-483-9911
Fax: 514-483-9910
Dr. Lenny Alladin's Office2100, Marlowe St., room 549 
Montreal (Québec)  H4A 3L5
Phone: 514-484-8331

Dr. Deborah Alper's Office

5885, Côte-des-Neiges Rd., room 605 
Montreal (Québec)  H3S 2T2
Phone: 514-733-3389

Dr. B. Jean MacDonnel's Office

5025, Sherbrooke St. W., room 345 
Montreal, Québec H4A 1S9
Phone: 514-938-4975

Dr. Giuseppe Maiolo's Office

5025, Sherbrooke St. W., room 340 
Montreal (Québec)  H4A 1S9
Phone: 514-485-3833

Groupe médical Ste-Catherine

5025, Sherbrooke St. W.. room 615 
Montreal (Québec)  H4A 1S9

Dr. Stuart Glaser's Office

1255, Laird Bd.
Mont-Royal (Québec)  H3T 2T1
Phone: 514-735-4634

Dr. Stanley H. Heisler's and Dr. Ronald B. Ludman's Office

245, Victoria Av., room 415 
Westmount (Québec)  H3Z 2M5
Phone: 514-939-9633

Clinique médicale mondiale

5598, Côte-des-Neiges Rd., room 1 
Montreal (Québec)  H3T 1Y8
Phone: 514-733-9899

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