Prenatal classes

Prenatal classes help future parents prepare for childbirth and make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible for the baby, mother and father. CIUSSS West-Central Montreal gives you the opportunity to take two kinds of prenatal classes: in the form of virtual meetings or through an online program.

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  • Please note that prenatal classes are offered only to residents of CIUSSS West-Central Montreal's territory.

Topics covered

Both types of prenatal classes cover the following topics:

  • Becoming a parent
  • Progress through pregnancy
  • Lifestyle habits
  • Feeding mom and her newborn
  • Preparing for childbirth
  • Labour and delivery
  • Caring for your newborn
  • Breastfeeding
  • Going home

Virtual group meetings

During four virtual meetings led by a nurse, future parents get answers to the main questions they may be wondering about during pregnancy. These meetings are also an opportunity to meet other expectant parents and to share their experiences. Sign up once you reach the 12th week of pregnancy. The meetings generally begin between the 20th and the 25th week of pregnancy and last for four weeks.  

Online Prenatal Program

Une Nouvelle Vie is an online prenatal program that consists of eight learning modules for moms-to-be, their partners and their family. The site provides an original, innovative way to learn about the physical and emotional changes that occur during pregnancy, childbirth and the first weeks of a newborn’s life. 

Benefits of the online prenatal classes

  • Flexibility and convenience to learn at your own pace 
  • Going through the modules when it's convenient as you learn in the comfort of your home
  • More content and information
  • Links to websites for more information
  • Option to print out material
  • Information can be consulted multiple times
  • Access the website throughout your pregnancy and after your baby is born
  • Access to a CLSC nurse by email or phone so you can ask questions
  • Personalized follow-up by a CLSC nurse before your expected delivery date

To sign up for the Online Prenatal Program, fill out the online form below.

Virtual meeting with a nutritionist

In addition to virtual or online prenatal classes, future parents have the opportunity to attend a virtual meeting in French or English with a nutritionist. The nutritionist will propose several topics related to nutrition during pregnancy, and will answer questions. To get the most benefit, it is suggested that future parents attend this meeting as early in the pregnancy as possible.


If you have questions, contact:

  • CLSC de Benny-Farm and CLSC René-Cassin areas: 514-484-7878, ext. 63531
  • CLSC de Côte-des-Neiges/de Parc-Extension/Métro areas: 514-731-1386, ext. 7401


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