Colorectal cancer screening

Pilot project for colorectal cancer screening

The most common risk factor for colorectal cancer is age, with the risk  increasing from the age of 50 onwards, when everyone is at “average risk” of developing the disease. In Quebec, colorectal cancer screening is  recommended every two years for average-risk individuals with no  symptoms and no other risk factors.

Screening is carried out using an immunochemical stool occult blood test  (iFOBT). It cannot tell whether a person has colorectal cancer, but it can detect the presence of blood in the stool, which may be a sign of cancer. When the iFOBT yields a positive result, another test— the long colonoscopy —is recommended to establish the diagnosis. 

People with a higher risk of colorectal cancer are given priority and eligibility.  The type of screening method depends on a person's particular situation.

Making an appointment
The colorectal cancer screening service is available by appointment only.  Appointments can be made at or at 514-734-9911.

What to bring to the appointment 
If possible, please bring your Medicare card or card for the IFH (Interim  Federal Health Program).

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