GMF Santé Kildare

Serving the Côte-Saint-Luc area since 2011, Santé Kildare proudly offers a modern and multidisciplinary approach to health and wellness. In recognition of its commitment to an integrated approach to health care and its extended hours of operation, Santé Kildare is considered FMG since October 2012.

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Clinic or OfficeContact information
GMF Santé Kildare7005, Kildare Rd., room 14
Côte-Saint-Luc (Québec)  H4W 1C1
Phone: 514-397-0777
Fax: 514-507-5717
Dr. Sherry Luger's and
Dr. Robert Lubarsky's Office
6900, Décarie Bd., room 3200
Montreal (Québec)  H3X 2T8
Phone: 514-737-6060
Dr. David Shahin's Office5800, Cavendish Bd., room 402
Montreal (Québec)  H4W 2T5
Phone: 514-487-8550
Dr. Maria Yaremko-Dolan's Office65, Westminster Av. N.
Montreal-Ouest (Québec)  H4X 1Y8
Phone: 514-481-0008
Dr. Loraine Mazzella medical clinic5217, King Edward Av.
Montreal (Québec)  H4V 2J8
Phone: 514-489-3781
Le Centre médical santé Kildare

5555 Westminster, bureau 200 Côte Saint-Luc,
Montréal (Québec) H4W 2J2
Télécopieur : 514-750-5717

Clinique médicale Hampstead5141, avenue Coolbrook, Montréal (Québec)
H3X 2L2

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