How to reach us

Patients & family members

You can request a clinical ethics consult by asking a member of your medical team to contact the service for you. You can also reach the Consultation Service directly at: 514-340-8222, ext. 23928.

Physician’s, staff and leadership

Telephone the Clinical Ethics Service directly at x23928

If you are currently working with an ethicist and would like to reach them directly:

Kevin Hayes
Page directly at 514-413-2048
Call at 514-261-0390

  • CLSC René-Cassin, 5800 Cavendish blvd, suite 600, room 27
  • Jewish General Hospital, Pavilion A, 9th floor

Email directly at:

For all consultations in clinical ethics for the CIUSSS COIM please contact the office of clinical ethics at 514-340-8222 #23928 or contact locating at 514-340-8222 #28232 to contact the ethicist on call.


9am-5pm Monday-Friday

On-call support: 

One ethicist is available; 5-10pm weekdays;
 9am-10pm weekends

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