Audiovisual Services

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Audiovisual Services are offered to all members of the CIUSSS West-Central Montreal.

Medical and general photography / Audiovisual 

Medical photography and Audiovisual services include three professional photographers with complementary expertise, including videoconferencing and video conferences.

They are also responsible for the audiovisual systems in conference rooms, auditoriums and amphitheaters, and respond to the audiovisual needs of press conferences and other special events held in different CIUSSS areas. 

Medical illustration and infographics

Another service offered by the audiovisual department is the graphic design and infographics. Our designer has a diversified expertise and can answer your different needs for your projects like: banners, posters, flyers, forms with a more technical aspect, creation of a logo or an icon, PowerPoint presentation, preparation of documents and figures for a publication, signs, etc...


A videographer is responsible of the videography, videoconferencing and all audiovisual services’ needs of the Institute of Community and Family Psychiatry (ICFP).

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