Preparing a research project for evaluation

Preparing a research project for evaluation

The submission of a project for scientific, ethical and/or feasibility evaluation is done in a single submission on the  Nagano   web platform.

To obtain access to Nagano, please contact:

How to Navigate Nagano

       ⇒ Tutorial to get started.
       ⇒ Templates for consent forms and research protocols are available on  Nagano.

Deposit in Nagano

       ⇒ Depending on the type of research, specific deposit forms are available:  Initial deposit forms 

Project monitoring in Nagano

       ⇒ Various forms are also available in Nagano to monitor projects:  Monitoring forms

IMPORTANT: Before submitting your project, please ensure:

  1. you hold research privileges within our establishment. These must be obtained before the project is submitted for evaluation. The researcher is responsible for obtaining them from the institution.
  2. you have identified the nature of your project, because each type of research corresponds to a  particular form in Nagano (e.g. clinical trial, bank of biological material, secondary use of material from an existing bank, retrospective analysis of patient files, medical research (other than clinical trial) and psychosocial research).
  3. you have all the documents required for the study file (protocol, consent forms, data collection, tools for participants, budget, contract, etc.).




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