Support for Patient Education Resources

Patients can refer directly to the Patient and Family Resource Centre.

Thank you for helping patients become informed partners in their health!

In keeping with the JGH/CIUSSS mission/vision, the library has made a commitment to supporting patient-centred care. This empowers the patient to act as a partner in their care and ensure that their unique needs are heard and respected.

Finding reliable and up-to-date health information can be difficult due to:

  • lack of time
  • too many deceptive or incorrect online sources
  • lack of awareness of website quality indicators

The library acts as an access point for health information that can be relied on by patients and their healthcare providers. Please see below for some of our offerings.

Services for Staff:

  • Supporting the creation of educational materials for patients.
  • Editing the materials for readability to improve patient comprehension.
  • Finding reliable sources of information (internet links) that can be integrated into patient materials.
  • Free 1-hour training sessions on Finding information to share with patients or Creating effective educational materials for patients.

Health Information Service (InfoRx):

One-on-one meeting with a CIUSSS librarian to search for relevant online health information.

JGH Patient Education Materials page: 

Repository for reliable material created by JGH staff specifically for their patients. It can also help minimize any duplication of effort and encourage interdisciplinary collaboration.

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