About the exhibit

Over the course of the last year more than 50 nurses within our CIUSSS have volunteered to share their stories with us. This exhibit, the first of many projects, provides a glimpse into nurses’ experiences during COVID.  We sincerely thank the nurses who shared their experiences and in particular, the nine nurses whose stories are featured in this exhibit.  If you are a nurse and would like to submit your own story, please follow this link.

We would also like to acknowledge the support of the McGill Nursing Collaborative for Education and Innovation in Patient and Family–Centered Care (Newton Foundation / Jewish General Hospital Foundation).

Also, thank you to the many people listed below who have helped bring this project together.

If you would like more information, please contact  nursingstoriesCCOMTL@gmail.com

Steering Committee

Laurie Gottlieb, Project Co-Lead
Nurse Scholar in Residence, CIUSSS CCOMTL

Christina Clausen, Project Co-Lead
McGill Nursing Collaborative - JGH Site Lead

Gretchen Lydia Keller, Project Co-Lead
Nurse Clinician, Palliative Home Care, CLSCs de la Montagne

Valerie Frunchak, Consultant
Retired Assistant Director of Nursing

Laura Crump, Project Manager July 2021-Present
Nurse Clinician, Neonatal Intensive Care, JGH

Karine Marineau, Project Manager September 2020 – July 2021

Writing Team

Maria Schamis Turner, Editor and Writer

Patrick McDonagh, Writer (Eng.)

Suzanne Asselin, Writer (Fr.)

Audio Editing

Dominique Ferraton


Felipe Argaez


Wilma Elalouf

Elite Communications

Website Design

Julie Beauvilliers

Fabrice Baro


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