Director of Nursing
Lucie Tremblay

Associate Director of Nursing
Isabelle Caron

Associate Director of Nursing - interim
Marie-Hélène Carbonneau

Assistant to the Director of Nursing - Professional Practices, Quality of Care and Project Management
Diane Brault

Assistant to the Director of Nursing - Professional Practices, Acute Care and Practice Development
Jessica Emed

Assistant to the Director of Nursing - Professional Practices, Community, Specialized Nurse Practitioners and Wound Care
Johanne Grondin

Coordinator - Palliative Care and Geriatrics
Bessy Bitzas

Cardiovascular Coordinator
Serge Cloutier

Coordinator - Oncology and Family Medicine
Erin Cook

Coordinator - Neurosciences, Dialysis, Cardio-Neuro Rehabilitation
Dominic Labranche

Coordinator - Medicine, Emergency, Ambulatory Sector
André Poitras

Surgical Coordinator
Cania Vincelli

Chief of Ambulatory, Discharge Planning, Clinical Intake and Endocrinology
Suzette Chung

Chief of Mobile Team, Transport and PAB Recall List
Karine Lepage (interim of Farah Petit-Frère)

Chief of Infection Prevention and Control
Adila Zahir

Chief of Unit K8
Mona Abou Sader

Chief of Unit - Catherine Booth Hospital
Megan Amir

Chief of Unit K6
Eddy Bien-Aimé (interim of Véronique Roger)

Chief of Unit - Mount Sinai Hospital
Ryan Bisessar

Chief of Unit - Recovery Room and Intraoperative
Marisa Carnevale

Chief of Unit - Neonatal Intensive Care
Lyne Charbonneau

Chief of Unit 8D - Orthopaedic Clinic
Emanuela Ciarlelli

Chief of Unit 5D - Gynaecology-Obstetrics Clinics, High-Risk Pregnancies, Colposcopy Clinic
Chloé Décarie-Drolet

Chief of Unit 6CD - Geriatrics and Memory Clinic
Rita Di Girolamo

Chief of Unit 4M
Kathia Dorcelus-Cetoute

Chief of Unit K7
Cherife Flores (interim of Karine Lepage)

Chief of Unit - Oncology, Radio Oncology, Dermatology Oncology Clinics
Kimberley Garthshore

Chief of Unit - Richardson Hospital
Alexandra Guignard

Chief of Unit 5D - Endoscopy, Interventional Radiology
Christiane Honeine

Chief of Unit - Neurosciences
Carla Jomaa

Chief of Unit K3
Mareya Kechian

Chief of Unit K9 - Urology and Cytology Clinics
Sophie-Line Kettenbeil

Chief of Unit - Mount Sinai Hospital
Judith Marchessault

Chief of Unit - Coronary Care
Giovanni (John) Marsala

Chief of Unit 8CD
Dinah Ocansey 

Chief of Unit - Dialysis
Monica Pacheco

hief of Unit - Intensive Care
Jacqueline Raboy Thaw

Chief of Unit - Cardiology and Hemodynamics Clinics
Nadira Ramrup

Chief of Unit - Clinical Research
Tracy Regimbald 

Chief of Unit - Emergency
Valérie Schneidman

Chief of Unit 7 CD
Josina Van den Nieuwenhof

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