Mental Health and Addiction

Director, Mental Health and Addiction Program
Vicky Kaseka

Dr. Karl Looper

Associate Director, Strategies, development and partnerships and transversal projects
Émilie Fontenay

Associate Director, Operation
Isabelle Catellier

Coordinator – Adult Services
Marc Lamontagne

Coordinator of the Youth Mental Health and Child Psychiatry (0-25 years old)
André Riendeau

Program Chief Manager, Specialized Adult Mental Health Services
Isabelle Bordeleau

Program Chief Manager, Emergency and Inpatient Psychiatry Units
Jean-Philippe Gauthier

Program Chief Manager, Specific Adult Mental Health Services
Marc Parent-Lavoie

Program Chief Manager, Adult Mental Health Access
Moana Desbiens

Program Chief Manager, Addiction and Homelessness
Catherine Roberge

Program Chief Manager, Program of Assertive Community Treatment (PACT), Intensive Case Management (ICM), Light Intensity Case Management (LICM) and Alternate level of care (ALC) teams
Emily Ireland

Program Chief Manager, Youth Mental Health Specialized Services and Child Psychiatry
Nancy Gantzkow

Program Chief Manager, Youth Mental Health Programs
Geneviève Harvey

Program Chief Manager, Open area
Joël Poirier

Professional Practice Advisor and PQPTM Project Manager
Hélène Plourde (services adulte)
Nancy Gantzkow (services jeunesse)

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