Mental Health and Addiction

Director of the Mental Health and Addiction Program
Ngo Thanh Tung Tran

Psychiatrist-in-Chief and Co-Director of the Mental Health and Addiction Program
Dr. Karl Looper

Associate Director of the Mental Health and Addiction Program
Émilie Fontenay

Assistant to the Director

Coordinator - Integrated Adult Continuum
Mark Demaine

Chief of Ambulatory Services - Outpatient Services, Psychogeriatric, Psychology, Secretariat and Day Hospital
Isabelle Bordeleau

Chief of Program Administration - Internal Services and Psychiatric Emergency
David Bérubé

Chief of Program Administration - Adult Mental Health 
Réginald Cadet

Chief of Program Administration - Adult Mental Health Access Portal (GASMA), Outreach Services, Dependency and Homelessness
Marc Lamontagne

Chief of Program Administration - Intensive Community Monitoring Team, Variable Monitoring and Non-Intensive Baseline Monitoring Teams - Interim
Martin Lagacé

Chief of Program Administration - Child Psychiatry Ambulatory Services, Youth Services, Perinatal Services, First Episode Psychosis Program, Family and Couple Therapy, and Continuum Project 12 - 25 years
André Riendeau

Chief of Program Administration - Frontline, Youth and Adults, Access project and Integrated Practice Unit (IPU) Project Manager 12-25 years old

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