Mental Health and Addiction

Director of the Mental Health and Addiction Program
Thaddeus Rezanowicz

Psychiatrist-in-Chief and Co-Director of the Mental Health and Addiction Program
Dr. Karl Looper

Associate Director of the Mental Health and Addiction Program
Ngo Thanh Tung Tran

Assistant to the Director
Émilie Fontenay

Coordinator - Integrated Adult Continuum
Mark Demaine

Chief of Ambulatory Services - Outpatient Services, Psychogeriatric, Psychology, Secretariat and Day Hospital
Isabelle Bordeleau

Chief of Program Administration - Internal Services and Psychiatric Emergency
David Bérubé

Chief of Program Administration - Adult Mental Health 
Réginald Cadet

Chief of Program Administration - Adult Mental Health Access Portal (GASMA), Outreach Services, Dependency and Homelessness
Marc Lamontagne

Chief of Program Administration - Intensive Community Monitoring Team, Variable Monitoring and Non-Intensive Baseline Monitoring Teams - Interim
Martin Lagacé

Chief of Program Administration - Child Psychiatry Ambulatory Services, Youth Services, Perinatal Services, First Episode Psychosis Program, Family and Couple Therapy, and Continuum Project 12 - 25 years
André Riendeau

Chief of Program Administration - Frontline, Youth and Adults, Access project and Integrated Practice Unit (IPU) Project Manager 12-25 years old
Natalie Zirhnelt

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