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Info-Social 811: Who are we?

Info-Social 811 is a telephone consultation service that enables a caller to speak with a qualified social worker. The team’s professionals provide confidential advice to anonymous callers seeking reliable and appropriate answers in difficult situations. Callers are not obligated to disclose any personal information, but if they choose to do so, the information is kept confidential. The callers simply inform the psychosocial intervention professional about their preferences.

Info-Social 811 differs from a CLSC's psychosocial intake service (intake, analysis, orientation, referrals), since it operates 24/7 (outside the CLSC’s business hours) and offers only a one-time intervention. If care is required, the caller is referred to the CLSC’s psychosocial reception desk.

Info-Social 811 offers referrals to appropriate professionals, including crisis lines. Its employees work closely with crisis centres to respond rapidly, whenever necessary.

For more information on Info-Santé 811, please visit the Programs and Services section.

Reasons to contact Info-Social 811
Caregiver support, distress, anxiety, violence, heartbreak, drug or alcohol problems, troubled marital and/or parent-child relationships, difficulty controlling anger, desire to hurt others or oneself, etc.

Interprofessional collaboration
The Info-Social and Info-Santé 811 teams share a workspace. With psychosocial counsellors and nurses so close to one another, there are many opportunities for clinical exchange and complementary support in complex situations.

An interprofessional telephone line also allows for fluid communication among the province’s 16 regions to ensure that the public has access to resources within a specific region.


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Info-Social 811: It's free, it’s confidential and it’s yours

Apply now

The Info-Social 811 team in Montreal is looking for psychosocial counsellors who can make a real difference by providing guidance about psychosocial problems to callers or their loved one. These professionals may be social workers, psycho-educators, criminologists, sexologists, clinical sexologists, guidance counsellors or human relations officers.

Extremely advantageous work conditions
Working in a pleasant environment in modern facilities, you will be able to take on many stimulating and rewarding professional challenges! Joining the Info-Social 811 team has many advantages:

  • Co-workers with diversified expertise, as well as a wide variety of clients
  • Paid training recognized by Quebec’s professional orders
  • Complete orientation program, including training in mental health and the risks of suicide and homicide
  • Flexible work shifts and the possibility of part-time work
  • Development of training and supervision skills
  • Opportunity to contribute to legislation, with a tangible impact on the delivery of health care
  • Offices in the heart of downtown near the McGill and Square Victoria metro stations


  • Minimum of two years of recent and varied clinical experience
  • Bilingualism (French/English)


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